Wacoal Corp.

We ran the Pink Ribbon Fitting Campaign as a store event at approximately 2,000 stores throughout Japan in October. In the campaign, we donated 10 yen for every bra try-on at each store to the Japan Cancer Society (Smile Fund), on behalf of customers. In FY 2016, more than 185,000 customers tried on more than 500,000 bras.
Also, our Pink Ribbon portal site , linked to store events, carried out the Pink Ribbon Test to have people learn more about breast cancer and feel easy to take part in donating activity (Regardless of whether you get the answers right or not, ¥3 is donated when you answer three questions).
The total amount of donations in FY 2016 from stores and the website combined was around 5.58 million yen.
We also cooperated with the stamp rally and walking event held every year by Pink Ribbon Kyoto, in which around1100 people took part in 2016.


Shinyoung(South Korea)

In October every year, we distribute brochures that include information on a breast cancer self-examination method, and Pink Ribbon badges free of charge at approximately 100 shops in department stores and at approximately 150 specialty stores, in order to enhance public awareness of educational activities on breast cancer prevention.
We publicize the Pink Ribbon Campaign on the website and through emails to CRM customers, as well as through posts and advertising on Internet blogs and Facebook.
We also provide support for meetings of patients with breast cancer and biannual breast cancer prevention seminars, which are held at major hospitals (Seoul National University Hospital, Samsung Hospital, Yonsei University Hospital, etc.) in Korea.


Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited

This year marked the 16th time that Thai Wacoal has held Pink Ribbon activities. Under guidance of the National Cancer Institute, 800 salespeople learned about breast cancer and also took breast cancer screening and provided a "Wacoal Pink Lady Service" in which they instructed customers on how to perform breast self-examinations. We also offered a service in which we presented cards for a free mammography to customers who purchased at least 12,000 THB of products from July to October. Furthermore, as a charity event to support breast cancer patients, we held a road show and through selling Pink ribbon goods, we disseminated information on the importance of breast examinations. Last year, we donated a total of 8.5 million THB in addition to the donation from Cancer Council, Cancer Center Balancing Bra, etc.


Taiwan Wacoal Co., Ltd.

We distribute the "Breast Health Diary," a brochure explaining the importance of early detection of breast cancer and preventive measures, and recommending breast cancer screening, at individual stores, in order to promote breast cancer screening and foster better understanding of Pink Ribbon activities.
We also provided breast cancer screening services by arranging for screening cars equipped with mammography equipment through the Ministry of Health and Welfare, in collaboration with major department stores and specialty stores. We presented the "Breast Health Diary" and a gift to all participants in the event.


Wacoal Singapore Private Limited

Wacoal Singapore has been a proud supporter of breast cancer awareness since 1997, and continues to support BCF's Wear The Pink Ribbon Campaign. We place donation boxes at stores in the month of October every year and donate the collected funds to Breast Cancer Foundation (Singapore Breast Cancer Association). We have also organized a Measurement fitting campaign to encourage frequent Breast check and measurement. We use various advertising channels to make this effort to make known to the public and encourage women to come for measurement fitting. In order to ensure that women were constantly reminded about doing self-breast check, we have created step by step Self-breast check place cards and limited car decals that were distributed to the customers.

Hong Kong

Wacoal Hong Kong Co.,Ltd.

We started activities in January 2004.
In fiscal 2016, we simultaneously increased recognition for both Wacoal products and the Pink Ribbon Campaign by using a pink background for key visuals in the autumn advertising campaign and implementing a unified pink theme throughout stores.
We also continued our annual activities for increasing awareness toward the Pink Ribbon Campaign. Specifically, we set up POP at stores, distributed pamphlets with information on the Pink Ribbon Campaign, and installed donation boxes for collecting donations from customers. In fiscal 2016, we added a portion of sales proceeds to donations collected from customers, and donated 80,000 HKD (making a cumulative total of 320,000 HKD) to the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation.
Also, in order to explain Remamma products and provide information on how to use them, we held periodic Remamma seminars at stores and at meetings of breast cancer patients.


Wacoal America, Inc.

Through the breast cancer awareness-raising program called "Fit for the Cure," which has been implemented since April 2001, we have donated a total of more than 4,500,000 USD to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation for its awareness-raising activities for early detection and screening of breast cancer, postoperative care, and research. We also have held more than 1,300 fitting events at middle to high-end department stores in the U.S. and Canada annually, in which a total of more than 55,000 women (an accumulated total of more than 765,000 women) tried on bras. In these events, we donate two dollars for every fitting regardless of whether or not participants purchase products, and additionally two dollars for every bra or shapewear item that is purchased, on behalf of the participants. The Fit for the Cure program is a very important marketing activity for us. It provides an opportunity for many women to understand the excellent fitting feel and comfort of Wacoal products by trying them on for the first time at these events.


Wacoal China Co., Ltd.

We held more than 70 "Aging Seminars" in China during a year. At the seminars, we distributed pamphlets of breast care. We also provided information on breast care through our homepage. At stores, salespeople hand out Pink Ribbon badges to customers and explained the philosophy of the Pink Ribbon Campaign. Within our company, Wacoal has created a POP which advertises how we actively conduct Pink Ribbon activities on a global scale. Also, during the first week of October of each year, we ask all office staff and salespeople within the store to wear Pink Ribbon badges during morning meetings. The October issue of our company newsletter featured a picture of Pink Ribbon activities on the cover and contained information on breast cancer self-examination and Remamma products.


Philippine Wacoal Corp.

In 2016, our Keep Abreast focused on rural areas specially those places which badly need education and rarely receives education about the disease. Provinces like Isabela and Infanta Quezon are one of these places. We also had campaigns in partnership with public and private companies.


PT.Indonesia Wacoal

Through the years, Indonesia Wacoal's CSR focuses on Pink Ribbon activities. Not only in Jakarta, we also spread our activities to several big cities in Indonesia, such as Surabaya, Makassar, and Bandung city.

We held an emotional and touching event in some department stores, like Seibu and Debenhams. In the events, we invited some breast cancer survivors and warriors to do some performance, such as fashion show, line dance, and stand up comedy. Their performances show their courage and spirit, eventhough they are in a struggling condition. They also shared how they felt when they found out that they had breast cancer, how they fought it, also how their family and friends supported them.

In Makassar city, we cooperated with Think Survive Fundation held a yoga on the street activity with 100 women participators, that most of them are breast cancer survivors.

Not only that, in order to share breast cancer awareness to younger women,we created an event that invited 500 high school students and ask them to decorate our plain bra. And then, all the decorated bras were displayed on the giant pink ribbon in the mall atrium. Through this event, we shared the knowledge and awareness to them, so then they become more aware about breast cancer, and realize that they need to pay attention on their breast health since early age.

For in-store activity, we created a pink ribbon fitting campaign, by giving special promotions for customers who wanted to be measured and fitted by the beauty advisors. We also decorated our store with pink ambience, through the posters, window stickers, mannequins with pink shirt, also shared pink ribbon catalogues.


Vietnam Wacoal Corp.

In 2016, We are trying to directly remind our customer to do self-checking for breast cancer through Facebook, the most popular social media in Vietnam. Beside, we understand that people are easy to "skip" after reading so we trying to remind customer through direct reminder by BA at the end of the shopping. We hope our customer always get good health and good life.


Wacoal Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

The Pink Ribbon Campaign of Wacoal Malaysia included an online photo contest held on Facebook, a monthly bra-fitting campaign, free distribution of Pink Kits to customers at stores, and provision of information on Remamma products. We also held small-scale exhibitions for the National Cancer Institute of Malaysia.
Wacoal Malaysia also held a Pink Ribbon Cycling Event in which 750 participants rode a 25-kilometer course through central Kuala Lumpur.


Wacoal Europe Ltd

1. Events
• In the UK, taking part in a special fundraising event with Shop Direct for their Breast Cancer Awareness Month Very Lingerie Street Event
• In the US for Breast Cancer Awareness month taking part in fit events with three Von Maur department store locations also as an effort to promote Elomi lingerie
2. Activities in-house
• Holding an internal bake sale event to raise funds for a national cancer charity, MacMillan Additional charity contributions have also been organised for activities personal to employees such as charity runs and races as well as fundraising days which employees have helped to sponsor.
3. Websites
Featuring of the Pink Ribbon on all corporate and brand websites


Wacoal India

Wacoal India, which opened its first store in Mumbai in December 2015, used television monitors at stores to convey information on Pink Ribbon activities. Wacoal India donated 50 rupees to the National Cancer Institute for every bra fitting and a further 50 rupees for every purchase of a bra. Salespeople also explained the intention of the donation to customers during fittings and we obtained their understandings.