Wacoal supports Pink Ribbon initiatives worldwide that contribute to the fight against breast cancer. These initiatives help to raise awareness about the importance of breast cancer screening, early detection, and immediate treatment of the disease. Wacoal is committed to making women look and feel beautiful and that starts with helping them to be strong.

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Wacoal Global Pink Ribbon Movement

  • Wacoal Corp.

    Wacoal Corp.

    We ran the Pink Ribbon Fitting Campaign as a store event at approximately 2,000 stores throughout Japan in October. In the campaign, we donated 10 yen for every bra try-on at each store to the Japan Cancer Society, on behalf of customers. We also presented ribbon bracelets to customers who tried on bras. In FY2014, a total of more than 190,000 customers tried on more than 500,000 bras. On the Pink Ribbon portal site, we conducted the Pink Ribbon Knowledge Test in conjunction with the store event, so that people could learn more about breast cancer and easily participate in our donation activities (Three yen was donated for three answers regardless of whether they were correct or incorrect). In FY2014, a total of approximately 5.7 million yen was donated through the store event and the knowledge test on the website.
    Moreover, we co-sponsor the Pink Ribbon Stamp Rally & Walk event hosted annually by Pink Ribbon Kyoto. In FY2014, approximately 800 people participated in the event. We also hosted breast cancer awareness-raising seminars in individual offices as part of our educational activities for in-house employees, which were attended by a total of 820 employees.

  • Wacoal America, Inc.

    Wacoal America, Inc.

    As a company committed to helping women look and feel beautiful, it is natural for Wacoal to play an important role in raising awareness about breast cancer. In 1999 our designers created the first Awareness Bra, a beautiful underwire with a pink ribbon embroidered on the back to remind women about breast health.

    Two years later, Wacoal expanded its philanthropic efforts by instituting Fit for the Cure®, a unique initiative that helps to raise awareness about breast cancer by offering complimentary bra fittings at special events in department and specialty stores around the country. While working with Wacoal fit consultants, women learn how to determine their correct size, and they discover new styles that flatter their figures and make them feel comfortable. For every woman who participates in a complimentary fitting, Wacoal donates $2 to Susan G. Komen® (no purchase necessary). Wacoal also donates $2 for every bra or shapewear item purchased at these events.

    Through the years, our Awareness and Fit for the Cure® programs have become increasingly popular and Wacoal is proud to say the following:

    More than 1200 events take place in department and specialty stores around the country each year

    More than 740,000 women have been fit

    More than $4 Million has been donated to Susan G. Komen®

  • Wacoal Europe Ltd

    Wacoal Europe Ltd

    In the U.K., a Bra Fit School is held so that staff members and customers can learn about the importance of a well-fitting bra and how this improves breast health. Leia, a directly-managed store in the U.K., annually holds many breast cancer awareness-raising events for customers, and offers a donation. (In FY2014, £542 was donated.)

    We also conduct or co-sponsor breast cancer awareness-raising and fund-raising activities in cooperation with high-end department stores in the U.K. and France. For instance, we co-sponsored the Pink Bra Bazaar event in France (an event in which used bras are collected and sold/In FY2014, approximately €2,000 was raised.), and co-sponsored the Rallye des Gazelles in Morocco (a women-only rally aiming to raise awareness of breast cancer/In FY2014, €500 was raised.). In the U.K., we planned and produced a celebrity netball match (a sports event aiming to raise awareness of breast cancer/Approximately £3,000 was raised), and employees participated in the Race for Life (one of the largest women-only fund-raising activities in the U.K./In FY2014,£900 was raised). Thus, we continuously work to promote fund-raising activities and raise awareness of breast cancer.

  • Wacoal China Co., Ltd.

    Wacoal China Co., Ltd.

    We conduct various activities in cooperation with the All-China Women's Federation, a governmental institution. For instance, we conduct a signature-collecting campaign at stores throughout the country to promote women's health, and present Pink Ribbon badges to participants as a token of the campaign. We also created 300,000 brochures to raise awareness of early screening of breast cancer, and distributed them to the public. In addition, we hold breast cancer awareness-raising seminars in major cities on an irregular basis to expand knowledge of underwear and breast health. In FY2014, we donated approximately 700,000 yuan to the All-China Women's Federation for its awareness-raising activities for breast health, and approximately 100,000 yuan for products used in its awareness-raising seminars.

  • Shinyoung(South Korea)

    Shinyoung(South Korea)

    In October every year, we distribute brochures that include information on a breast cancer self-examination method, and Pink Ribbon badges free of charge at approximately 100 shops in department stores and at approximately 150 specialty stores, in order to enhance public awareness of educational activities on breast cancer prevention. We also provide support for meetings of patients with breast cancer and biannual breast cancer prevention seminars, which are held at major hospitals (Seoul National University Hospital, Samsung Hospital, Yonsei University Hospital, etc.) in Korea.

  • Taiwan Wacoal Co., Ltd.

    Taiwan Wacoal Co., Ltd.

    We distribute the "Breast Health Diary," a brochure explaining the importance of early detection of breast cancer and preventive measures, and recommending breast cancer screening, at individual stores, in order to promote breast cancer screening and foster better understanding of Pink Ribbon activities.
    We also provided breast cancer screening services by arranging for screening cars equipped with mammography equipment through the Ministry of Health and Welfare, in collaboration with major department stores and specialty stores. We presented the "Breast Health Diary" and a gift to all participants in the event. In FY2014, we offered 10 sets of swimsuits to various events (Sun Moon Lake International Swimming Carnival, etc.) hosted by the Taiwan Breast Cancer Alliance, and donated 700,000 yuan NT as support funds for various events, such as a Pink Ribbon lighting ceremony.

  • PT.Indonesia Wacoal

    PT.Indonesia Wacoal

    We attach tags including information to raise awareness of breast cancer to some of our products to offer information to customers. We also hold various breast cancer awareness-raising events. For instance, we set up a large pink ribbon-themed object in the atrium of a famous shopping mall in Jakarta, and held an event in which students from 500 high schools displayed decorated bras. We also held talk shows, inviting well-known physicians and specialists in breast cancer, and distributed brochures to raise awareness of breast cancer. We are also involved in fund-raising activities every year for Yayasan Kesehatan Payudara Indonesia, which is one of the country's breast cancer awareness-raising organizations. In FY2014, we donated 50 million rupiah.

  • Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited

    Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited

    For employees, we hold breast cancer awareness-raising seminars, inviting physicians as lecturers, and provide mammography screening twice a year. We also offer prosthetic breasts and three Remamma bras to individual mastectomized employees every year. For people outside the company, we conduct educational activities for breast cancer prevention for local housewife groups in cooperation with the Bangkholeam District Office (a national cancer center), and provide measurement services for mastectomized women, involving 15 hospitals. We also donated 5,000,000 baht to Khonkaen Hospital to help with construction costs for a cancer center.

  • Wacoal Hong Kong Co.,Ltd.

    Wacoal Hong Kong Co.,Ltd.

    Our employees and their family members participate in the Pink Walk Against Breast Cancer event hosted by the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation held in October every year. In FY2014, we donated 30,000 HKD (an accumulated total of 150,000 HKD) as participation fees. In the event, participants walk a trail around Victoria Peak wearing original T-shirts to encourage early screening for breast cancer. We also regularly hold Remamma seminars at stores and meetings of patients with breast cancer to describe Remamma products and show how to use them, aiming to make the products widely recognized.

  • Wacoal Singapore Private Limited

    Wacoal Singapore Private Limited

    We place donation boxes at stores and in the office in October every year, and present Pink Ribbon badges to contributors. We donate the collected funds together with donation money from Wacoal Singapore Pte. Ltd. to the Breast Cancer Foundation (Singapore Breast Cancer Association). In FY2014, we donated 10,000 SIND (an accumulated total of approximately 130,000 SGD).

  • Philippine Wacoal Corp.

    Philippine Wacoal Corp.

    We are involved in the breast cancer awareness-raising campaign called "Keep Abreast" throughout the year, in cooperation with Gift2Life Inc., a non-profit organization headed by Dr. Cristina L. Santos. In the Keep Abreast campaign, we hold seminars and exhibitions in shopping malls, factories, girls' schools, municipality offices, the military, and other places to provide explanation of the risk of breast cancer and of how to undergo breast cancer screening, and conduct individual consultations.
    In October 2014, we co-sponsored the Pink Run event and the Takbo! Breast Friends Fun Run event, and created a community to continuously dispatch information on breast health in collaboration with Gift2Life Inc., aiming to gain further recognition of Pink Ribbon activities. Thus, we have continued to engage in support activities to reduce the number of deaths due to breast cancer in the Philippines. In FY2014, we donated approximately 200,000 pesos for the Keep Abreast campaign.

  • Wacoal Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

    Wacoal Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

    As our Pink Ribbon activities, we provide breast cancer screening by specialists, hold workshops, and distribute Pink Ribbon kits to customers. We also actively join various breast cancer awareness-raising events. All employees are engaged in these events.
    In October every year, we organize a fitting campaign to provide an opportunity for customers to think of the health of their breasts. In 2014, we held a cycling event to make more people aware of breast cancer. The event was attended by more than 500 people, who rode through major areas in the Klang Valley over a distance of more than 20 km, wearing original pink T-shirts with a message "Beat Breast Cancer".

  • Vietnam Wacoal Corp.

    Vietnam Wacoal Corp.

    In October every year, we decorate shops and counters with Pink Ribbon displays to raise the awareness of our customers toward breast cancer screening, explain about Wacoal's Pink Ribbon activities, and sell Pink Ribbon badges.
    We will work not only to announce and raise awareness of breast cancer at shops, but also to disseminate information to a wider audience by placing advertising notifications in women's magazines.