Wacoal supports Pink Ribbon initiatives worldwide that contribute to the fight against breast cancer. These initiatives help to raise awareness about the importance of breast cancer screening, early detection, and immediate treatment of the disease. Wacoal is committed to making women look and feel beautiful and that starts with helping them to be strong.

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Wacoal Global Pink Ribbon Movement

  • Wacoal Corp.

    Wacoal Corp.

    We ran the Pink Ribbon Fitting Campaign as a store event at approximately 2,000 stores throughout Japan in October. In the campaign, we donated 10 yen for every bra try-on at each store to the Japan Cancer Society (Smile Fund), on behalf of customers. In FY 2015, more than 178,000 customers tried on roughly 500,000 bras.
    Also, our Pink Ribbon portal site , linked to store events, carried out the Pink Ribbon Test to have people learn more about breast cancer and feel easy to take part in donating activity (Regardless of whether you get the answers right or not, ¥3 is donated when you answer three questions).
    The total amount of donations in FY 2015 from stores and the website combined was around 5.25 million yen.
    We also cooperated with the stamp rally and walking event held every year by Pink Ribbon Kyoto, in which around 950 people took part in 2015.

  • Wacoal America, Inc.

    Wacoal America, Inc.

    Through the breast cancer awareness-raising program called "Fit for the Cure," which has been implemented since April 2001, we have donated a total of more than 4,400,000 USD to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation for its awareness-raising activities for early detection and screening of breast cancer, postoperative care, and research. We also have held more than 1,300 fitting events at middle to high-end department stores in the U.S. and Canada annually, in which a total of more than 55,000 women (an accumulated total of more than 765,000 women) tried on bras. In these events, we donate two dollars for every fitting regardless of whether or not participants purchase products, and additionally two dollars for every bra or shapewear item that is purchased, on behalf of the participants. The Fit for the Cure program is a very important marketing activity for us. It provides an opportunity for many women to understand the excellent fitting feel and comfort of Wacoal products by trying them on for the first time at these events.

  • Wacoal Europe Ltd

    Wacoal Europe Ltd

    Wacoal Europe served as the headline sponsor of the Intimate Ball which ran in aid of the breast cancer charity Coppafeel. Furthermore, we took part in a Wear It Pink day event for breast cancer awareness month to enhance public awareness for early detection of breast cancer.
    Wacoal Europe not only published Pink Ribbon on all of its brand websites to disseminate information on Pink Ribbon, but also featured Pink Ribbon in its internal magazine to improve awareness inside the company.

  • Wacoal China Co., Ltd.

    Wacoal China Co., Ltd.

    We carry out various activities in partnership with the government agency All China Women's Federation. For example we created, edited and distributed 300,000 copies of educational pamphlets about early cancer detection to the general public. In addition, we held campaigns to heighten awareness of women's health issues, such as educational seminars designed to increase knowledge about underwear and breast health, in the five major cities of Peking, Chengdu, Shenyang, Shanghai and Xiamen in which around 300 people participated. In FY 2015 we donated around 700,000 RMB to education campaigns conducted by All China Women’s Federation in relation to breast health, and 100,000 RMB to education seminars.

  • Shinyoung(South Korea)

    Shinyoung(South Korea)

    In October every year, we distribute brochures that include information on a breast cancer self-examination method, and Pink Ribbon badges free of charge at approximately 100 shops in department stores and at approximately 150 specialty stores, in order to enhance public awareness of educational activities on breast cancer prevention.
    We publicize the Pink Ribbon Campaign on the website and through emails to CRM customers, as well as through posts and advertising on Internet blogs and Facebook.
    We also provide support for meetings of patients with breast cancer and biannual breast cancer prevention seminars, which are held at major hospitals (Seoul National University Hospital, Samsung Hospital, Yonsei University Hospital, etc.) in Korea.

  • Taiwan Wacoal Co., Ltd.

    Taiwan Wacoal Co., Ltd.

    We distribute the "Breast Health Diary," a brochure explaining the importance of early detection of breast cancer and preventive measures, and recommending breast cancer screening, at individual stores, in order to promote breast cancer screening and foster better understanding of Pink Ribbon activities.
    We also provided breast cancer screening services by arranging for screening cars equipped with mammography equipment through the Ministry of Health and Welfare, in collaboration with major department stores and specialty stores. We presented the "Breast Health Diary" and a gift to all participants in the event.
    In FY2015, we donated 920,000 yuan NTas support funds, as well as 800 pairs of shorts and 20 sets of pajamas, for use as promotional gifts, to various events held by the Taiwan Breast Cancer Alliance, including the “Swimming Carnival of Sun-Moon Lake” and the “Pink Ribbon Lighting Ceremony.”

  • PT.Indonesia Wacoal

    PT.Indonesia Wacoal

    Indonesia Wacoal did some various activities for Pink Ribbon Campaign this year. We put some material promotions that was given by Wacoal Japan in stores (window sticker, POP). To give more exposure for this message, all the window display decorated with pink theme (manequins wear pink merchandise). And for below the line activities, Indonesia Wacoal collaborated with students of Bina Nusantara - Northumbia School of Design. They decorated some plain bra using their creativity, and all of them collected and displayed in a one giant pink ribbon board. The giant pink ribbon displayed in some malls to attract people, and they asked to join the donation activities by choosing their favorite bra. Beside that, Indonesia Wacoal also collaborated with one of famous designer, Musa Widyatmodjo, to held a charity fashion show, Indonesia Wacoal also cooperate with Roche brand and made a video knowledge about breast health, promoted in instore LCD TV and youtube.

  • Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited

    Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited

    For employees, we hold breast cancer awareness-raising seminars, inviting physicians as lecturers, and provide mammography screening twice a year. We also offer prosthetic breasts and three Remamma bras to individual mastectomized employees every year. For people outside the company, we conduct educational activities for breast cancer prevention for local housewife groups in cooperation with the Bangkholeam District Office (a national cancer center), and provide measurement services for mastectomized women, involving 15 hospitals. We also donated 5,000,000 baht to Khonkaen Hospital to help with construction costs for a cancer center.

  • Wacoal Hong Kong Co.,Ltd.

    Wacoal Hong Kong Co.,Ltd.

    The campaign started in January 2004. In FY2015, in order to raise awareness of the Pink Ribbon activities, we created POPs and distributed pamphlets in stores. In addition, we set up a structure in all stores to encourage customer donations. Around HK$60,000 (an accumulated total of HK$240,000) was donated to the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation.
    We also hold regular seminars to explain Remamma products and how to wear them at stores and meetings for breast cancer patients.

  • Wacoal Singapore Private Limited

    Wacoal Singapore Private Limited

    We place donation boxes at stores and in the office in October every year, and present Pink Ribbon badges to contributors. We donate the collected funds together with donation money from Wacoal Singapore Pte. Ltd. to the Breast Cancer Foundation (Singapore Breast Cancer Association). In FY2015, we donated 10,000 SIND (an accumulated total of approximately 140,000 SGD).

  • Philippine Wacoal Corp.

    Philippine Wacoal Corp.

    Philippine Wacoal Corp. has always been keen on understanding the needs of women. We believe that wellness is an important aspect in order to be beautiful. All year round, we conduct breast cancer awareness activities in partnership with a non-profit organization, Gift2Life, Inc. This campaign is called, Keep Abreast.
    Keep Abreast campaign focuses on breast cancer awareness through seminars or exhibits. We aim to achieve early detection and appropriate treatment, increase breast cancer survival and save lives in the Philippines. In 2013-2014, Keep Abreast was able to tap military camps like naval and army bases nationwide. We were able to share this advocacy as well to our Direct Sales dealers and customers in Davao, Cebu, Iloilo, Bohol Isabela, Cagayan de Oro and Metro Manila. Last October 2015, we participated once again in the Takbo Breast Friends fun run events to help spread awareness. Also on October 2016, we organized an event which was open to public for free so that attendees will get to know more about breast cancer. Together with our partner, Gift2Life, Inc. we will continuously help build communities with knowledge and access to better breast health and help in decreasing deaths from breast cancer among Filipinos.

  • Wacoal Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

    Wacoal Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

    Wacoal Malaysia’s Pink Ribbon Campaign’s program includes online Photo Contest on FB, a month-long Fitting Campaign,giveaways of Pink Kit to customs at all counters and also Remama info is also available.
    Themed “Got Breast,Join us”,the highlight of Wacoal’s Pink Ribbon Campaign year 2015 combined force with over 600 cycling enthusiasts in the hope of spreading breast cancer awareness even further and wider. Covering more than 24km, the cycling event, which flagged off and ended at NSTP HQ, passed through prime areas in the Klang Valley; with every cyclist wearing pink T-shirt bearing the “Beat Breast Cancer” message.

  • Vietnam Wacoal Corp.

    Vietnam Wacoal Corp.

    In October every year, we decorate shops and counters with Pink Ribbon displays to raise the awareness of our customers toward breast cancer screening, explain about Wacoal's Pink Ribbon activities, and sell Pink Ribbon badges.
    We will work not only to announce and raise awareness of breast cancer at shops, but also to disseminate information to a wider audience by placing advertising notifications in women's magazines.